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With the quickly changing legislation which now governs California, it is difficult to know who's who and what's what in terms of legality, propriety, business management and commercial production. If you need information in regards to a business you run, or want to reserach cannabis healing and California's newest requirements, you can go to to search out current information.

April 23, 2018 The cannabis bath bombs are straight up THA BOMB. I use fresh ingredients to make these organic bad boys (actually, they are bad girls, because let's face it- female bad assness has the upper hand :) I use doTerra blends and other high grade organic essential oils to flavor them how you like 'em (I have Citrus Bliss, Balance, Rose/Calendula and French Lavender). Most people prefer the French Lavender. The high note of this flawless essential oil brings the senses to an all new high. Imagine walking through purple fields and inhaling this sweet, light, floral aura. You are at one, you are at peace. Yes, that is the French Lavender Bath Bomb. I've been getting orders for bridesmaids gifts, birthday parties, holiday gifts, you name it. The Baker's Dozen is the best deal on that.  Any excuse to hop in the bath with your newest epsom salt, cannabis infused bath fizzy is just about as magical as riding your enchanted unicorn through your underground mermaid castle- SO AWESOME. I mean, who doesn't want to ride a magical unicorn?

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